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Why is my wife not eating properly after delivery?

Q: My wife had delivered a baby last month and after that she does not eat properly. She doesn’t feel like eating lunch, breakfast and dinner. Now she is getting weak day by day and she had a pain in her legs and whole body whenever she works in kitchen. Please help.

A:It is very important for a woman to eat a healthy and a balanced diet after delivery especially if she is also breastfeeding her baby. It is a very busy and tiring routine for a new mom and often they tend not to follow typical 3 or 4 meal pattern that they did before delivery. You should encourage her to eat frequent and small meals instead of 3 meals if that works better. The idea is to meet her body’s nutritional requirements and you can achieve that even by not following a very strict meal pattern. Probably she gets fatigue and body ache because she is not eating well and at the same time not getting enough sleep and rest. Its an overwhelming change when the new baby comes in your family but it sure gets streamlined as the baby grows older and develops some sleeping and feeding routine. You can also consult her doctor and ask for a prescription of dietary supplements and vitamins. Congratulations and good luck!


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