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Why is my testis moving out of my scrotum?

Q: I recently went through a hernia operation, done by the laparoscopy method. It has been a month now and I am recovering well. I have started swimming, I know I can't do weights, but can I do sit ups, or do I have to wait more? Secondly, my left testis seems to be moving back, out of my scrotum. Is it due to my operation or any other problem? I have to push it back down into my scrotum whenever this happens. Is it due to frequent indulgence in sex?

A:You should ask your surgeon for sit ups etc. In my opinion, any vigorous exercise is to be avoided for 3 months. As such, situps if not done properly, can cause knee problems later in life. As for testis, usually nothing happens after surgery (I assume you were operated on left side). It can occur due to tight clothing, in cold season (which of course is not there), or hyperactivity of cremester - a muscle which is present at the root of testis. The last thing may be due to irritation of the muscle for some reason. It should get back to normal soon. Meanwhile avoid tight clothes like jeans and avoid sitting cross-legged.


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