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Why is my son throwing up every morning?

Q: My 10 years old son throws up everyday, before going to school. At times, he vomits 2-3 times in school and then becomes normal. We have consulted a child specialist. A sonography has also been done. The doctors say that clinically, he is fine. They have also prescribed some antacids for 5 days to be taken in the mornings. On certain days, he is OK and on others he pukes. I checked with his class teacher. According to her, there are no problems related to school. At present, all the medicines have been stopped. He is on a tonic, which is given at bedtime, to increase his appetite. He actively participates in extra curricular activities. We have recently changed his school timings, from noon to morning shift. Please tell us what to do.

A:Since the problem has started from the re-opening of school and change of school shift, it appears to be psychological in nature. You should talk to your child and enquire if there is any difficulty that he is facing at school. You sons height and weight are both less (


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