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Why is my son so aggressive?

Q: My three and a half years old son is extremely aggresive and is very vocal and physical about it. He says things like 'I will kill', 'I will die' and goes about saying he doesn't like a certain child so pushes and hits him. I am stressed out and don't even want to take him out for the fear of him hurting other children. What do I do?

A:You have not given all the relevant details. It is a general observation that nothing happens without a cause. You should know what it is in the childs experience that may have provoked his aggressive nature. He has strong feelings, but it is not likely that he will kill someone else or himself. What kind of TV does he watch? Is his diet made up of Cola drinks and fast foods and sugared things or does he eat sensibly? Does he get enough parental time and attention? You could consult a Counsellor or Guidance teacher for advice on how to deal with him.


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