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Why is my son's handwriting such a big issue?

Q: My 6 years old son is good in oral learning, reading, etc. but have problems in handwriting. His teachers always complains about his written work. Some times he is not able to finish his class work on time because he is a bit slow in writing. At home, he writes as bit better but it is messy. He is also slow in following instructions. However, his memory is very good. He loves reading work and does not want to do any writing work. He often forgets to bring his lunch box, water bottle, pencils, etc. He also has some problems in spelling. His teachers are making a big issue of his writing and now he does not want to go school. His teacher writes notes for improvement everyday, which annoys him and me too. His teacher has warned us if he does not improve his handwriting, they will take other steps. Even though he is good at other things his self-esteem is very poor now. I think he faces many problems at school because of his poor handwriting. He has told us that someone sits with him to watch his writing during class work and she rubs his copies whenever he does not write well. I think earlier his writing was better compared to now. I really do not know that a 6 years old child’s handwriting could become such a big issue. What is the real problem with our son? Please advise.

A:Some children at the age of six years do have a problem with writing. But they will catch up in a couple of years. I think teachers do not have any knowledge of child development or of differences in the pace of growth and development. They want everyone to have neat handwriting! I don't know where you live and if you have a choice of school. I would suggest that you move him to a more child-friendly environment, if that is possible. There are some schools with more progressive ideas. Regarding his forgetting his things in school, you could make a game of it to make him remember. A short verse, made up by the parents, which mentions his articles could help him to bring back his school things. Use a light touch and have some humour in dealing with problems.


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