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Why is my son running away from school?

Q: My son is 2 years and 9 months old. He is very hyperactive. I admitted him to the pre-nursery school. Since the first day, he is trying to run away from school. He does not sit at one place and neither plays with other children. There is a big door in the school, he tries to crawl over the door and sneak away. He also tries to bring the chair and jump over the chair and run away from another door. The school authorities had given us the final warning. Why is he running away from school? We have confirmed from school authorities that he was not beaten up. I am not able to understand that how can a small child think that he can climb over the chair to run away.

A:Your son is showing you clearly that he does not like being in the pre-Nursery. He is very bright to think of ways of escaping the school, but I agree that it is a problem for you. Many preschools admit children only after they have completed three years. Perhaps they find that a school setting is not tolerated by children who are younger. Other children may be adjusting to the Nursery school, but children are different from each other. You may have to revert to the earlier child care arrangement you had for your child. Next year or even next term, he may be old enough to understand that a school setting has some restrictions and also some advantages. He may also want the company of other children by then. If you can, consult a Psychologist or Counsellor in your area regarding this situation. We all use the word hyperactive , which may not be the right word to use. The child may be just very strong-willed and energetic. Talk to him gently and find out why he does not like attending pre-Nursery. While he is at home, give him play materials and a lot of physical activity, like playing with a large balloon.


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