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Why is my son raising his hand on everyone?

Q: My son is half a year old. He has a bad habit of raising his hand or slapping family members and pets. When told not to slap, he gets more irritated and starts bashing his head on the floor. What should I do to stop and improve his behaviour?

A:Since his age is not given correctly (half year old does not seem probable) I cannot infer the seriousness of the problem. You must give your child many opportunities for active play. When you want him to stop doing something, instead of saying don't do that try and suggest something else to do. Distract his attention and make a positive suggestion. He may not realise that his slap can be strong. To him, it must just seem like being playful. Avoid giving him Cola drinks, chocolates and anything, which is very sweet. If he is over 18 months old, let him get used to eating what is cooked for the family. Keep the spicing low. Do not watch adult TV in the presence of the child. Most of it is highly unsuitable for very young children. Let the child calm down before bedtime and listen to a story read out to him or to some music from a suitable CD. Attend to all details of his daily routine and assure him of your affection and care.


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