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Why is my son passing blood stained hard stools?

Q: My 14 months old son weighs 8 kg. For the last two-three days, he has been passing hard stools with some blood stains. Is everything fine with my son?

A:Your child is suffering from constipation and associated with that he might be having some anal fissure. Can you check for his defecation habits since birth, stool frequency for week, pain during reifications, excessive straining. If your child strains a lot with passage of hard pebbly stools with much difficulty, he might be having functional constipations. Give him Lactulose 10 ml syrup every night. Apply Anovate ointment over anal region thee times a day. Change his dietary habit, decrease amount of milk in diet to 250-300ml/day, increase fibre in diet (cereals with husk, fruits – apple, guava, orange whole with peel, whole grain pulses).


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