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Why is my son not interested in learning new words?

Q: My 20 months old son is less interested in learning things, especially when we try to make him speak some new words like nana, mama, etc. Though he speaks papa, baba, ma for a long time. He is not ready to increase his vocabulary, not even tries to relate the words with the things around. He speaks out baba but its just a word for him, he talks a lot but doesn't know what he speaks and does not speak clearly. There is no tongue-tie and his teeth are also sufficient in number. He has done all his activities timely. How can we find out if there is any problem? Or, is it normal?

A:If your son's development and milestones have been normal, you can afford to be relaxed and let him develop at his own pace. Also, instead of actively trying to increase his vocabulary, you could play with him and let him pick up sounds and words.

Let him listen to music - children's songs and classical music and he may show some preference for a specific kind of music. He could keep time with a metal plate and follow the rhythm. He should also be allowed to play with clay or plasticine and make simple shapes.

Allot a specific time for your reading out a story to him. Let him become familiar with the sentences and be able to follow the thread.

There is a very slim line between what we consider to be normal and what we consider to be a problem. I would advise that no labels be given, but parents and other adults play with him meaningfully and let his language emerge. If he does not use speech even six months later, you could consult a psychologist.


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