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Why is my son not able to write down the answers he knows?

Q: My son is 10 years old and weak in studies. But my daughter is clever. My son studies in the 5th standard. My daughter studies in the 1st standard. The problem with my son is that he is able to speak all the answers, but he is not able to write the same. Is this a medical problem?

A:If your son is ten years old and is studying in 5th standard, I do not think that he has a medical problem. Schools usually give a lot of writing work, but all children do not like to write. Some cannot write. Does your son like to read? Does he have friends? Does he talk to you about what he does in school? Do his teachers like him? If the answer is YES to these questions, the problem can be taken care of with just a little attention. It would be a good idea to consult a Psychologist or School Counsellor to get an idea of what methods would work best for him. I don't want to suggest that there is anything wrong, but I would need many more details to know what exactly to tell you. Also consider the strengths of the child. Perhaps he is good in sports. Possibly he has a talent for music. Maybe he draws very well or tells jokes and keeps everyone laughing. Find out what his strong points are and let him know that he is appreciated for them. Then start working on his writing. He will pick up skills as he grows up. Try not to compare the two children. Each child has something to offer to you and to the family.


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