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Why is my son choking while breast feeding?

Q: My baby is 22 days old. He is on breast feeding. But we often feel that his throat gets choked during breast feeding. We have tried putting his head up but it does not help. What can be the alternative option for breast milk for our baby? Can that optional milk be given with the mother's milk? Please suggest an additional diet for him? Can boiled water or ghutti be given to him? He often feels a twist in his entire body, is it normal?

A:There is no doubt about the fact that breast milk is the best option for your baby for the first 6 months of life. As the baby grows older and his requirements increase, so does the milk production. While on breast milk he does not require any additional feeds or water ghutti etc. The choking that you have mentioned, it is not very clear what exactly is happening to your baby when you feel he is choking. A very common thing that does happen is this: once the baby starts suckling at the breast, there is a reflex action in the mother that causes the ejection of milk in a spurt from the breast. When a lot of milk comes in the baby's mouth, he starts swallowing deeply. This is what is perhaps what you are noticing. But if by choking you mean that baby is turning blue, gagging or spluttering out milk while breast feeding, he needs to be evaluated by a peadiatrician.


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