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Why is my son afraid of being left alone?

Q: My 6 year old stepson has suddenly become afraid of being alone. He constantly checks on me (every 2 minutes) while he is watching TV, gets up every 2 minutes to find out where I am, if I go downstairs to put laundry in, he follows me, he is afraid to take a bath without me in the room, he is afraid to sleep in his own bed suddenly, even when his younger brother is in the bunk below him. He makes himself throw up he gets so upset and hyperventilates. He also follows the babysitter around, his mother, the teacher at school, anyone that may be watching him at the time. Is this a phase or should we be concerned. He is naturally a little timid, while his little brother is just the opposite and very outgoing. I am worried and its becoming aggravating, especially at bedtime when he makes himself sick.

A:It is worrying for you to see your son frightened of something. But I do not feel that the problem can be solved by your shouting at him. To him, his fear is real. You must hold him close and talk to him gently and find out what he is scared of. Let him take his time to explain his fears to you. If you are unable to get him to talk, you could consult a Psychologist or a counsellor. It is possible that he heard of somebodys death and that somebody said that all people will die as they get old. Children find it difficult to imagine many years. He may have begun to feel that all the people he knows will die. I am just guessing at one possible reason. Take advice from experienced persons. All the best.


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