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Why is my nose blocked all the time?

Q: My nose is blocked all the time. I consulted an ENT specialist. As per his diagnosis, the centre bone of the nose is bent which is causing the block. In such a case, the nose should have been blocked only at one side. When the left nostril is blocked and I sleep turning on the right side, the nostril gets cleared and blocks at the right side. If I turn the other side the nostril in the opposite side gets blocked. I am not convinced with the doctor as he is suggesting a surgery for the bent nose. I have also developed little bit of phlegm at night, which I presume is the cause of the block. How can I control the phlegm and the blockage?

A:It is possible to have blockage on both sides of the nose due to deviated central partition. Sometimes the turbinate on the opposite side gets enlarged due to more space available to it on the roomier side. If you get discharge from nose, take oral decongestants for few days. Show to an ENT surgeon. Some times CT scan of sinuses is needed to rule out the presence of sinusitis.


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