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Why is my infant unable to digest food?

Q: My child is 8 months old. He does not digest food properly. He passes stools soon after eating something. His diet consists of breast milk, lacto milk powder, moong dal khichadi, banana, apple juice, mashed rice and Marie biscuits. Does he need any change in his diet? He has been taking Macox for fever.

A:The diet you have mentioned is fine in terms of variety but you have not mentioned the quantities you feed your baby. The motion passed by the baby could be a side effect of the Macox plus that he is being given for fever and associated symptoms. Passing a motion immediately after every feed is a habit that normally settles down by the time a baby is 2 months old. It could be either of two possibilities – either your baby is taking a little longer to settle down, or your baby is reacting to the medicine he is having. The diet is fine. Please continue with it. After the course of medicine is over, please wait for two weeks for your baby to get back to being normal. If the habit persists even then, a consultation may be required. But at the moment, have patience.


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