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Why is my granddaughter not sweating?

Q: My grand daughter, 3 years 6 months old, has high temperature on the upper part (above waist) of the body for the last one week. We have shown her to a paediatrician and giving her paracetamol as per his advice. The temperature has reduced but after stopping her medication the temperature is recurring. She is not sweating. How to make her sweat? The doctor told us that the body temperature is high due to not sweating. Please advise what to do?

A:It appears from your description that your main problem is that she does not sweat. Is it that she tends to get high temperature when she is exposed to hot weather and high environmental temperatures? If that is the case you need to see a Skin specialist to evaluate, if she has some problem with sweat glands and is not able to generate sweat. But if you think it is only during fever episodes it is not essential that all babies should sweat to get down the temperature, even though it would happen in most individuals.


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