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Why is my father getting recurrent fever inspite of treatment?

Q: My father is a diabetic patient. From last two months he is getting fever at an interval of 15 days, which lasts for 2-3 days. The fever ranges from 100 degrees F to 101 degrees F. He has undergone blood tests, ultrasound, ECG, urine test, typhoid test, chest x-ray etc. but the doctors were unable to diagnose the cause. Whenever he gets fever, the doctor gives antibiotics and he becomes fine within two days?

A:Fever that persists after a patient has been investigated can be a frustrating problem both for the patient and the physician. In these circumstances it is best not to intervene i.e. give no antibiotics but to simply observe the patient. During this observation period the temperature should be taken every 4-6 hours and charted so that the doctor can see the pattern of the fever, which may give a clue to the diagnosis. It is also important that your father be examined periodically to make sure that no new finding has appeared which could provide a clue to the diagnosis. The physician may also recommend blood test during the time he has fever, as some abnormalities are detectable only during the time the patient has fever. Depending on your fathers age it may be necessary to do a CT scan of the abdomen and chest to exclude conditions which not be seen on a x-ray and can give rise to fever.


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