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Why is my exercise regime not helping me gain muscles?

Q: I am a 22 years old male, 174 cm tall and weigh 67 kg. My waist measures 34 inches, chest 39 inches, biceps 12.5 inches, hips 37 inches and thighs 21 inches. I am doing regular workouts for the last four years including dumbbells,aerobics, dancing, jogging, walking etc. I do all possible exercise at home, which I learn from fitness shows, Internet and magazines. I take food three times a day. I have never taken keratin or any food supplement. I follow a balanced diet that includes milk, eggs, chicken, fruits, fresh juices, vegetables and pulses. But still there hasn't been any increase in my biceps. Is this because of genes or hormones? I long for a body with chest 44 inches, waist 32 inches, hips 37 inches, arms 16 inches and thighs 23 inches. I am satisfied with my weight & height. Please guide me how do I achieve my targets?

A:In my opinion, it is always better to go the natural way and not take any supplements for many reasons. You may not know if they have been produced by standardised methods, they may have adverse effects on you and if you can receive good nutrition from natural resources, why go in for unnatural means. As you have said, you have tried all the tricks in the book, you may like to sign up with a good, certified and trained fitness instructor who can plan an individualised programme for you and can map your progress. Also what may help you, is to learn to love yourself, no matter how you look (after knowing that you have tried everything). Bringing in a certain reality perspective will make you more comfortable in your skin and take the pressure off you. Enjoy life as you are, there are many aspects that make up a person, so focus on the whole package and life will look much brighter to you.


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