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Why is my daughter unable to concentrate on her studies?

Q: My 3.3 years old twins have never attended a play school. They are in a nursery now. One of them refuses to settle in to learn alphabets and numbers. Her teacher also finds it difficult to manage her in class. She fidgets with her hanky, hair, etc. She does not seem to listen. Her speech too is not clear. Even at home when I sit with both of them, she just moves away and seems disinterested in studies. But she does sit in front of the television if something of her interest is coming. However she likes reciting rhymes, shapes and colours. She likes colouring and her hand co-ordination is good. Is my daughter suffering from attention deficient disorder? Do I need to seek help or should I give her more time to settle down? Please advise.

A:I think you will have to work patiently with both your children. Do not expect them to be alike, merely because they are twins. Focus on the strengths of each child and work gradually to help them accept the routines of the classroom. Make some rules for the child who tends to be restless, explaining them to her. Make it enjoyable for them and for you.


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