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Why is my daughter throwing tantrums?

Q: My daughter is 1 year old. Both my husband and I are working, though I had taken a break in my career till my daughter was 6.5 months old and then started working. She stays with my mother-in-law and we also have an 11 year old maid who takes care of her. My daughter is active and plays well, but at times when she is excited or angry or wants something which she cannot get, she does not cry instead she shivers, tightens her hands and legs. We do not know the specific reason for this, but are worried about this behaviour of hers. Why does this happen? How do we overcome this? Another concern is about her food habits. She does not eat rice at all. She drinks milk with Junior horlicks in the morning and at night, but when she does not eat other solid food, my mother-in-law gives her milk. She is about 6.5 kgs, which my doctor says is underweight for one year old baby, what should be done regarding this?

A:Your daughter may be suffering from lack of attention. Try ignoring her tantrum when she does not get what she wants. Instead show affection when she is happy and non-demanding. Please look carefully at the handling of the baby by the maid who is herself very young. It is very important that she is not given milk so frequently as it fills her up and she misses out on the nutrients of solid food which is required at this age. Besides the fact that she is under-weight, there does not seem to be much reason to worry as she is otherwise active and playful.


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