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Why is my daughter so scared of bathing?

Q: My daughter is 2 years and 9 months old. For the last 1 month she has become very scared of taking a bath. She cries and howls if we bathe her. She used to be very fond of bathing earlier, but recently she has developed a phobia. It started with shampoo initially, as she refused to wash her hair. She does not want to bathe in this heat. I asked her quietly once why she does not like bathing, she replied that she just doesn't like it without a reason. Every morning this is an issue. Please help.

A:Something must have happened when she was bathing. Perhaps some shampoo went into her eyes. Everything has a reason. Do you allow a servant to bathe her? Perhaps someone was rough in handling her? Ask her if she will allow you to sponge her with a wet cloth. Develop her confidence first and then suggest a bath. If you are still troubled by her refusal, consult a Psychologist. This kind of anonymous long distance consulting has its limits.


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