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Why is my daughter so attached to me?

Q: I have ninteen months old baby girl. She is very attached to me. I tried her to put her in a playgroup. She cried a lot at that place and now the problem is that apart from school, if I want to take her anywhere else she cries a lot and asks me to return home. I am really worried about her attitude. Please help me to overcome this problem. I would like to continue my career, if she starts going to school and mingle with her peers.

A:Your child has to get used to being away from you. A gradual process is the best. Leave her for short spells. Let her be assured that you will return soon. Increase the duration gradually. If it is a good play group, she will get over her separation and start playing with others. If you show anxiety at every whimper and tear, she will feel that the situation is bad and cry even more. Invite more people to the house so that she gets familiar with the idea of new faces. Make sure that she gets enough rest and sleep and that her diet is suitable to her age. Avoid Cola drinks and market foods (fried snacks). Let her visit children in the neighbourhood with you and get used to others. Avoid crowded shopping centres till she gets more tolerant of them.


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