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Why is my daughter so aggressive?

Q: Our eight-year-old daughter is very aggressive. She shouts and screams whenever she is asked to do anything - her homework, lay the table, keep her things in proper order. She is always unhappy except while seeing TV and eating. She is on the heavier side and does not like playing though she may spend hours chatting with neighbourhood kids. Nobody in our family fights and shouts. Earlier we thought that she would outgrow her habits but she has not changed at all. Please let us know how do we handle her! She is born under the Leo sun sign. Is she aggressive because of this?

A:It seems that you have allowed a small problem to become a big one, by letting it go unchecked for 4-years. Some people believe that the zodiac sign influences temperament. This has not been scientifically verified and is not of any importance. What you should focus on is how to handle the problem. First, you should make sure her diet is nutritious and not over-saturated with fats and oils. Doctors, world over, are advising parents to watch out for obesity in children, as this factor alone is related to the way the heart functions. TV watching for more than one or two hours can also be harmful to children. There is a lot of violence, sex and hatred in most adult programmes and commercials. These add up to become a burden for the child's mind. Also while watching TV, children eat fried foods and drink Coke. These also add to aggressive behaviour. Be firm with her. If you do not get results, consult a School Counsellor or Child Psychologist as soon as possible.


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