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Why is my daughter slow in doing her school work?

Q: My daughter is 5 years old and studies in Sr. KG. She is very intelligent and scores well in school. She is also good at extracurricular activities. She is an extrovert and obedient in school. In spite of being very active, she does everything slowly. Her teacher says that she finishes her schoolwork very late. Is this due to some problem? How to make her fast?

A:Your daughter is intelligent, active and well behaved, so you should not worry unduly as she is still too young! Try to explore why she is slow in doing her class work as compared to other children of her age. Perhaps the teacher's expectations are too high. Children can differ in their temperament and working style. Check whether she has a visual or auditory problem. Otherwise do not take it seriously. Let her enjoy her childhood and her uniqueness.


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