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Why is my daughter prone to wheezing?

Q: My daughter is 2 years and 8 months old. A year ago she had allergic cough and cold along with high fever. She also had wheezing two three times. We had been advised to give nebulisation and baby inhaler. She gets cold and running nose quite often which degenerates in to chest cold and fever. Finally it ends up in high fever and wheezing. Right now she has allergic cough and fever. We had pursued homeopathic treatment as well. Can you suggest us the appropriate diagnosis and treatment for her? She weighs 14 kg and her growth is normal but she is lean. Our house is air conditioned. We have removed carpets and other suspected triggers. My wife does not have any allergies but I am prone to allergies due to temperature difference, which come under control with homeopathic medicines. What triggers the whole cycle? What is the best way to diagnose the problem? Are there any special hospitals for this problem?

A:Wheezing associated with cough and cold is very common during early childhood, more so in children with a family history of allergy/asthma/eczema. The wheezing episodes get triggered by many stimuli, some of which are so ubiquitous that it may not be possible to eliminate them from the child's environment. The most important triggers are viral infections which are very common during childhood. These episodes usually respond to oral/nebulised medicines. Some episodes may be severe enough to require hospitalisation. In some children the episodes are so frequent that they may require some form of continuous medication to prevent these episodes. With time, however, in most children these episodes tend to subside. Since the problem faced by your child is recurrent, I suggest you stay under regular follow-up of a paediatrician in your locality, preferably one with facility for hospitalisation. He can then formulate the best plan for your child.


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