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Why is my daughter passing loose stools after breast feeds?

Q: My 3 months old daughter is having loose motions. She passes stool 10-15 times a day. She is on breast feed. The doctor advised WHO ORS and a stool test. The report showed 4-6 pus cells/hpf. The frequency of motion was controlled and it came down to 6-7 times a day. But the consistency of motion is still semi liquid. The doctor gave her wellamycin for 10 days and neutronil. Neutronil is still being given from the past 10 days. But she still passes the stool after taking the mother's feed. She does not do that if she goes to sleep after taking the feed. The doctor did the stool test again and the report was the same 4-6 pus cells/hpf. He then stopped wellamycin and prescribed taxim o 1/2 tsp twice a day about. She has been taking taxim o but the consistency is still semi liquid and she passes the stool some time after taking the feed, which is making me worried. Please advise.

A:Exclusively breast fed babies may pass 6-12 stools per day. Characteristically they are golden yellow in colour, semi liquid, some bit of water, and seedling kind of things. Most often babies pass motion while having a feed or immediately after feeds. If she is active, feeding well, passing urine at least 7-8 times in 24 hours and gaining weight then these are normal breast milk stools. Pus cells < 10 per HPF are normal. I would not use any medicines if above conditions are fulfilled.


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