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Why is my daughter not satisfied after eating food?

Q: My 13 years old daughter eats a lot, but is not satisfied after eating. She has put on a lot of weight. Her style of eating and drinking is very irritating as well. She is in 7th standard and is not interested in her studies. She is very lazy and rude towards us. She is a happy go-lucky-girl otherwise. What can be done about her eating behaviour?

A:You should try to rule out any medical problem, such as a hormonal(thyroid) or metabolic disturbance in the light of your daughter's increased appetite and lethargy. She is already into the adolescence phase, which includes rapid physical and socio-emotional changes. This period of life can prove to be hard for the child as well as for parents. Try to be calm and patient while dealing with her. Talk rationally with her, and above all, listen to her. Give her concrete suggestions instead of criticism. Provide healthy food options and encourage her to get some physical exercise. Consult the school counsellor if required.


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