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Why is my daughter not good at learning maths?

Q: My daughter has recently been promoted to class 3. She is younger than other children in her class and is a social child. She likes English and loves reading. She is not keen on learning maths. She learns fast when she puts her mind into it, but she doesn't like to work hard at it. I try to make it fun with games on the computer and books. The teachers too have interactive ways of teaching maths. Is there any direct bearing on her intelligence level due to which she doesn't like maths? What can I do to help her with it? She is above average in English, history and science. She enjoys project work but performs averagely in maths.

A:Many children say that do not like Maths. Some of it could do with how it is being taught. It is also possible that children have different levels of interest in different subjects. There is no need to worry. I do not know what you mean by intelligence level. She loves reading; you say and is good at project work. Your daughter has only just started Class 3. Let her develop her interests gradually. I think it may not be necessary to supervise every half mark that she gets or does not get. Support her strengths first and she will take care of her weaknesses soon enough.


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