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Why is my daughter not behaving properly?

Q: My 5-year-old daughter is not behaving properly. She is studying in upper kindergarten and does not talk properly. If we ask her to tell what happened in school, she tells us to go and ask her teacher. If we try to sit with her for completing her homework she tells us she doesn't know or her teacher didn't tell her or this was not done in school, etc. if we ask her to recite any poem, she says she doesn't know. On the contrary, her teacher has told us that she is very good in school. If we ask her to write, she says she has forgotten and gives excuses like pain in her fingers. I do not know what to do.

A:Since the teacher is satisfied with your childs school performance, there is no cause for worry. Try not to keep testing her knowledge and to force her to recite or write. Give her play materials for art work and music records etc. Instead of scolding on her what she did at school tell her stories and read to her at home. She will settle down.


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