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Why is my daughter having persistent cold?

Q: My 2.4 years old baby is suffering from cold for nearly 45 days. She goes to a play school from where she picked up the cold. Her school is air-conditioned. After a week of holidays, her cold was better and she was almost cured with Mox but used to spit out half the medicines. After the holidays, she picked up the cold again. This time the doctor prescribed Ofloxacin. She spitted out that also but may have swallowed half the quantity. First, she had fever for 4-5 days only at night but now she does not have fever and her cough has also reduced. But, last week again she had severe cough. Please advise.

A:Children get colds after joining play school the first time. Especially with both parents working, children are being sent to play school before their bodies are mature enough. Children in play school and creche are reported to have more attacks of cold specially if parents have history of allergy like asthma or a smoking habit.

  • Make sure the child is vaccinated.
  • Avoid antibiotics as most colds are due to viruses.
  • Give plenty of fruits and milk.
  • Anti-allergics may be given.
  • Nasoclear nose drops may help.
  • Children usually stop getting these attacks after first few semesters.
  • Relatives with cold should avoid cuddling.
  • Lots of love to the toddler.


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