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Why is my daughter cutting her clothes?

Q: My 7-year-old daughter has been cutting her clothes. When asked why she does this, she says she didn't do it or doesn't remember doing so. I believe she is honest and actually does not remember cutting her clothes. I have never seen her do this activity but am worried she may have an underlying mental/behavioural problem. She also has some characteristic ADHD such as concentration loss/lack of attention span, etc. Should I be concerned about this?

A:It is rather concerning that your little daughter cuts her clothing. The first thing to do is to put out of her reach all sharp instruments (knives, scissors etc). It would also be advisable for you to talk to a School Psychologist, Counsellor or Child Psychiatrist just to be reassured that the child does not have some deep seated emotions that move her to such behaviour. Is she attending school and coping with the demands of school and peer group? Does she talk to you freely? From the responses you give to these questions, you would be able to get the information that would be necessary before anyone can help with her treatment. All the best.


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