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Why is my daughter afraid of balloons and leaves?

Q: My eight years old daughter is afraid of balloons and leaves. Till the age of five years, she was fond of balloons and would play with them. The fear started after that. We do not know why she is afraid or what made her frightened. She trembles at the sight of a balloon and runs away from the room itself and cries for a long time. Likewise with leaves she is afraid to touch the leaves but not afraid of seeing it. I have tried to make her understand that they do not do any harm but I could not force her to touch it because she trembles and starts crying. Can this problem be treated?

A:Every condition can be treated. Perhaps your daughter was startled by the loud burst of a balloon. She carries the association of balloon with loud noise. Do not force her to handle leaves if she is unwilling to touch them. If she is happy and playing well, attending school and making friends, I would just ignore these points. But if she is generally scared of most things and wishes to be alone most of the time, you should take her and see a Child Psychologist. Make sure her diet and sleep and rest hours are taken care of and that she is not over-stimulated by TV.


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