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Why is my child turning aggressive and destructive?

Q: This is regarding my son who is 3 years old. He is showing some behavioural problem. Initially, the frequency was once or twice in a month but now it has become a daily affair. He has high energy levels. His diet mainly comprises of milk and bread. He does not like vegetables and fruits. My husband and I are working and he stays with his grandmother and aunt at home. He goes to a pre-school for three hours and the rest of the time he is at home. He has become more aggressive and destructive. He will cry, scream at high pitch and hit people around him. He will take up any issue and get stuck to it and won't listen to any logic. He throws a lot of tantrums too. He will want his grandmother to leave the house, he will want to eat mud, mess with things, etc. His crying and hitting session lasts for 1-2 hours after, which he is normal and even apologises for that. We have counseled him a lot and we never hit or shout at him. But things are getting out of hand. What should we do?

A:Maybe some changes in his diet would help. The child should be encouraged to eat what is made at home. Even if he does not like vegetables, he could the rice or roti made at home, instead of only bread and milk. You could make dal with vegetables or with a little ground vegetable paste added. He should develop a taste for different foods. Do this gradually. Perhaps he is forced to watch TV with his grandmother and the serials and news on TV are totally unsuitable for young children. Make sure he gets enough rest and adequate sleep. Find out if there are day care centres in your area, where children can spend the afternoons with other children. He is in some distress and it might be good for the mother to take off a day or two and follow the child’s routine and see what disturbs him. Spend some time introducing new foods, for example, cooked apple or tender coconut. Children eat mud, when there is a deficiency of minerals in their food. Get him checked for that.


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