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Why is my child so sensitive?

Q: My child is 4.5 years old. He is a single child. He has become very sensitive. Things from stories or some past incidents disturb him a lot. He gets nervous, starts crying and repeatedly asks questions about the incident. For example, he broke a flower pot accidentally last month. For the next four days he was continuously crying as to why he broke the flower vase; why the vase was not placed in a safe place, etc. He was feeling very guilty about it. There have been several similar incidents, and in spite of our different convincing answers he could not forget those things. He has started staying aloof even in the classroom. This sort of behaviour is disturbing us very much. Could you suggest a way of bringing out my child from this?

A:Some children are just more sensitive than others. All of it is within a normal range. However, a word of advice is that instead of getting anxious when he cries and trying to console him, just be a little indifferent. In other words, you might be adding your anxiety to his each time, without intending to. Four days to be crying over a broken flower pot does seem excessive. The next time it happens, just tell him in a firm voice, to stop. Explain the difference between an accidental breaking and a planned one and tell him to change the subject. Make sure his diet does not contain too much sugar or market-packed food, like potato chips. Avoid Cola drinks and all sodas. Restrict his TV hours and make sure he has enough sleep. If you are still in doubt, ask your doctor for a check and some advice.


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