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Why is my child poor in recognising/recollecting things?

Q: We are an Indian family living in the Gulf region for the last 3 years. My 4-year-old daughter is studying in lower KG at an Indian school here. We have noticed that she is very poor in recognising/recollecting the things learnt in school (like ABCD & 123). Even after repeating at home several times, she forgets things immediately. Except her studies she is perfect. Why is she poor at studies? Please let us know how we can improve her memory power?

A:Your child is too young to be forced to study! You point out that her memory is good in other areas except studies. It may be possible that there is undue pressure on her from you or at school, which is resulting in an emotional blockage. Not all children achieve readiness for reading or writing at the same age. Try to rule out any visual or auditory problem, and get help if required. Otherwise, just relax, let her enjoy her childhood and allow her freedom to learn at her own pace.


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