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Why is my child obsessed with one kind of play?

Q: I am 32 years old and have one son of age 4.5 years. He is going to school since last one years, my problem is that, my son always tries to play with a bow and arrow. I tried to find out the problem. I figured out that when he was younger my wife always said that "you will become strong like the God Ram". Please suggest me how I can handle this problem? He always tries to mould paper, copy, pencil etc in the form of an arrow or bow.

A:Children go through phases of interests and explore identities. Why are you upset with his preoccupation with bows and arrows or wanting to become like Lord Ram. The more you get upset with such behaviours, it is likely to turn into a power struggle. You should try to ignore his unwanted behaviours and try to distract his attention sometimes. Do not scold or criticize. On the other hand, reward alternative behaviours by a smile or hug and verbal encouragement.


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