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Why is my child not letting me go to work?

Q: My 2-year-old daughter is not letting me to go to office since last week. If I leave her she starts crying very badly. However, I have been working for the last one year and she has never behaved like this before. But after being ill for almost a week and following a blood test, she has developed this habit. Please guide me on what to do.

A:In a sense, you have worked out the reason for your daughter’s behaviour. She has not got over her illness. The blood test must have been very scary too. Make sure that her health is better before you leave her with a maid or in a creche. A child of two has become aware of the world around her and will try to control the situation when she can. These tussles should not be labelled as bad behaviour but understood as the process of growing up. By the time you get this letter, her health must have improved. Promise her some treat or get her a little present, each day. Mainly let her know that you understand her distress, but also make her know that if she accepts your going to work, she will feel better. Patience, firmness and affection make a good combination.


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