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Why is my child not gaining weight?

Q: My 16 months old son suffered from bilious vomiting on the next day of his birth. He weighed 2.32 kg at birth. Then the doctors performed barium enema and diagnosed that he is suffering from jejeunal atresia. The surgery was performed on the same day of diagnosis. After six months, some milk went inside his lungs, which lead to aspirate pneumonia. Then again, he suffered from liver abscess. For treatment, twice the aspiration was done and culture report showed C. albicans, it was cured with fungal treatment. He is well now, but he is not gaining his weight for the last two months. He weighs just 7.7 kg now. Why is he not gaining weight?

A:Your child has suffered from a major illnesses in the past. These can have an effect on his weight gain. Fortunately, none of the problems listed by you should lead to any chronic / permanent effects. I would suggest that if he is doing fine at the moment; take care to give him a balanced diet. This should include milk and milk products, along with semi solids, at least 5 times in a day. Monitor his weight & length 3 monthly. A steady gain would be re-assuring. This would also detect failure of growth early. That would indicate a re-evaluation.


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