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Why is my child day-dreaming so much?

Q: My 6 years old son who is studying in class 1, is slow in writing. Everyday his teacher sends me a note that he dreams all the day in class and doesn't write anything from the black board. Please suggest me how I can help him?

A:You may need to watch your child and see if he is active. Does he eat well, sleep well and play? If he is generally active and interested in the world around, his slow writing is not such a problem. Sometimes children are dreamy and inattentive because they have their own thoughts. They could switch off because the classroom is dull or tedious. They may be sleepy because they have worms in their stomachs and are unable to attend. One has to go to the cause for his dreaminess before it can be tackled. Talk to him and spend time listening to him. Read stories to him and ask him to tell you the story he just heard. Encourage him to make friends with children in the school or next door where you live. Find out if he understands what the teacher says. Perhaps the language used in school is unfamiliar. Think of all the possibilities and play an active part in increasing his participation in his school-based activities.


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