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Why is my child crying so much at school?

Q: My daughter is 3.5 years old. She is going to Junior KG near the house since 2 months. She is learning things as normal children do. The problem is even after 3 months, she cries loudly for a long time at school. If her teacher is absent, she insists on seeing her mother. She insists on what she wants and if not given, starts crying loudly. She doesn't eat food herself. We are totally disturbed and also have problem with the school authority because of her behaviour. We are afraid that her studies may be affected. Please help.

A:It is quite normal for young children to get attached to their teacher. Some children do not like frequent changes of any situation. Your daughter had to get used to being separated from you first and get attached to her teacher. When the teacher is absent, she cries out for you. But she will get over it. There is no need for you to be unduly alarmed. Make her mealtimes enjoyable, by serving nutritious food in different items. Talk to her while she is eating. Do not force her to eat. Once in a while, if she is tired or sleepy, there is no harm in your feeding her. If you are tired, she can feed you too! The home should be a place of mutual support and warmth and not like an army with strict rules. Make light of her stubborn moods and enjoy what she says and does. Strong parental bonds in the early years serve as the basis for a whole lifetime.


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