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Why is my child becoming a fussy eater?

Q: My daughter is 4 years and 4 months old. Although she is not a fussy eater at home and used to finish her tiffin at school till last week, from this week, she brings back her tiffin without eating. Also, at home she wants to hear stories from her father every time (with breakfast, lunch, dinner, drinking milk or going to sleep). She says if no story, then no milk or food. What should I do?

A:Mealtimes often become a battle-ground and parents try their best to make the child eat, not realising that more the fuss made, more the chances of the child getting into the habit of manipulating them. The best way to deal with this situation is to be firm, make a variety of foods available, and simply allow the child to eat herself. Let her eat at the table with you, and do not make a fuss. She has to be told in clear terms that you love her and want her to eat herself, but you cannot tell a story each meal-time. A story will be told only when daddy has time. Meanwhile reward her for good eating habits but not through stories and not every time.


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