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Why is my child acting differently?

Q: My son is studying in junior school. His teacher had called us to school and said that he does not do any activity when with other children in class but when kept on a separate bench, he does his work properly. He does not respond to any of the questions asked by the teacher he just stares at her face and keeps smiling and when asked not to smile he just stops. Now for the past 1 week he has developed a habit of putting his hand inside his pants, when asked why, he says he wants to go to the toilet. He does like to move around in the house without clothes. I am worried about his new habit. At home he is active and does listen to what we say, though not easily.

A:I think you need to spend more time with your son to find out what is going on. He may have begun to masturbate (stimulate himself), which is why he puts his hand inside his pants. There is also a possibility that some adult touched him and made him aware of his private parts. You will have to make sure that the maid and others in the household are totally trustworthy. The beginnings of sexual abuse is something that cannot be ruled out. If the child likes to wander around without clothes, it is not a cause for worry. But you must make it clear to him that he should have his clothes on. The comment that he stares at the teacher and keeps smiling is also a little puzzling. Why would she tell him to stop smiling? Is it because he stares at her? Since I cannot get the answers to these questions in this system, I would advise you to think of alternative arrangements for his care when you are away. I have no specific fact to base this on, only an intuitive feeling. Consult a friendly Psychologist or Counsellor for further advice. You might also plan to take more time off work, so that you can attend to your child's emotional and psychological development There is no reason for anxiety, but it would be good for one of you at least, to be with your child when he needs you.


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