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Why hasn't my child started walking yet?

Q: My two-year-old daughter is sharp, in that she can speak many words, but has not started walking on her own. She can stand using some support like holding our hands or some furniture. All her milestones were a little late - she held her head up when she was three months old, started sitting at nine months, and started standing with support at 11 months. I went to many doctors, and they advised occupational therapy where it was detected that her lower limbs are weak (little low tone). Now her latest doctor has advised her to undergo an MRI. I have started giving her an iron tonic (named Solufer). I am tired of answering my relatives' questions about my little one. How do I help my daughter walk?

A:First of all, you must take necessary action as advised by doctors to get a proper medical assessment of your daughter. Once the diagnosis is finalised, you can follow the guidelines and plan of action recommended by the doctors. Regarding your own anxiety and embarrassment at having to deal with reactions of family and friends, you must understand that each child is different, and has different strengths and weaknesses. Try to discover your child's potentials and build upon them. Encourage her small efforts at independence. Praise her intellectual abilities. Instead of labelling her as slow, try to increase her self-esteem by pointing out her talents. Your own attitude will make a lot of difference in the way the child perceives herself, and also how others react to her.


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