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Why hasn't my child started speaking yet?

Q: My 3.3-year-old child does not speak properly and can't even call out simple words like papa and mamma. He has a keen interest in watching TV, particularly news channels and also plays games on personal computer. If he needs anything, he holds our hands and drags us to the spot. We took him to our family doctor in Chennai and the doctor said that there is nothing to be worried about, and that we should talk to him continuously. On the doctor’s recommendations, we have been giving him Aristozyme and Terfroliv syrup for the last three months but there hasn't been any development. While playing with toys, he does speak some words that we are unable to comprehend. Please tell us what can be done to make our child speak fluently.

A:Children who spend too many hours watching TV seem to have a problem with speech. They hear confusing messages in several languages and see many ads and very little makes sense. Speech has to be slowed down and made clear. You should decide on one language, preferably the mother tongue. Talk to him clearly and give him a chance to talk to you. Use labels and words for all the objects around him and make sure he asks for things by name. Let him listen to children’s music and follow the words and sing with it. Read out storybooks while he looks at the pictures. Make this an enjoyable activity. As he starts going to nursery school, he will start playing with other children and start talking to them. There is no need for medication for his speech. For any health problem of the child, please consult your family doctor or a child specialist.


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