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Why hasn't my 2-year-old child started speaking?

Q: My son is 2 years and 3 months old. He is able to spell only few words. I took him to speech therapist, who said that nothing is wrong physically except he has to try to speak up difficult words. When will the child pick up speaking? He utters few words like appa, amma, akka, mum mum, mummy, pee, bissi. Please advise.

A:Ideally, a 2 year 3 month old child should be able to do the following things: In terms of Comprehension (understanding): at least 2 of the following

  • Should be able to identify even smaller body parts such as chin, elbow etc.
  • Recognize and identify general family name categories (such as grandmother, baby etc.)
  • Should understand six differences e.g.. small book, large bowl etc.
  • Should be able to recognise names and pictures of most common objects
In terms of Expression
  • Should use 2-3 word utterances.
  • Should use personal pronouns (e.g. I, he etc.)
  • Refer to self using pronoun rather than his name
  • Should repeat few numbers
  • Asks for help for personal needs (going to toilet etc.)
If your child is not doing at least a few of the above mentioned things then he needs a detailed evaluation (to find out the cause) and accordingly start with the intervention in order that the gap between his chronological age and performance age does not widen further.


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