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Why doesn't my daughter eat home-cooked food?

Q: My four-year-old daughter has recently joined a regular school. Most of the time, she is not ready to go to the school. She is fine when inside the classroom but the moment she comes out of the classroom, she starts crying. I am unable to understand her problem. She is not even ready to share anything with me. She doesn't eat the home cooked food and brings back the packed lunch box. She takes just a glass of milk in the morning and thus, remains empty stomach till afternoon. Kindly suggest something to improve her eating habits and her adamant and rude behaviour.

A:I sense a little intolerance and impatience on your part. Otherwise, why would you refer to her adamant and rude behaviour? It is not rude if she does not eat the food you pack for her. Find out what the others bring. Sometimes, children want social acceptance by being like the others in class. Also discuss the matter with her teacher. You have realized that you are not able to understand her problem. That is the point, which needs attention. You have to be warm, tender and non-judgmental, not strict and demanding. The best person to ask is your child. Find out what she would like to eat and whether she has enough time to eat in the day’s routine. The best way is to try talking to your daughter.


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