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Why doesn't my child talk to others?

Q: I have got two daughters aged ten and four years. The elder daughter is very social and understanding, but the younger one is very adamant and cries for each and every thing and ultimately gets what she wants. She does not play with anyone except her elder sister. Now she has been put in LKG in a school near her home. During the last parent-teacher meeting, her class teacher complained that she does not mingle with any of her classmates and she does not speak with anyone either. Due to this problem, she has been given poor marks in oral recitation, etc. Her mother is very worried, too. What needs to be done to overcome her problem?

A:All children are not alike. You should first stop comparing the two children. If the younger daughter is shy and takes time to make friends, there is nothing to worry. She will gradually get used to her new school and start talking. Make sure she has nutritious food (no fried snacks from the market and no Cola drinks) and plenty of sleep. Talk to her, listen to her and find out what she wants to do. You seem to have some strong feeling in using the term 'adamant'. Relax and let her grow up slowly.


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