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Why doesn't my child have any interest in anything besides TV?

Q: I have two children aged 11 and 5 years. My elder son appears to have no interest in anything, particularly studies. I sent him for guitar lessons because he wanted to go but I don't find him practicing at home. He spends the whole day watching cartoons and despite all my efforts to make him understand that he should not be watching TV for more than an hour, he shows withdrawal symptoms like an addict. I want him to talk to some good child psychiatrist. Could you suggest a few? Is my child normal? Are all children like him? Please advise.

A:Since you have not mentioned where you live, I find it difficult to suggest names of Psychiatrists. But wherever you are living, if you have access to a Psychologist or Counsellor, you might wish to consult him. From your description, I am not clear if your child has any problems with his schoolwork. You could also try and get some advice from his teachers, if they are friendly and inclined to talk to parents. Try and get him to take active part in sports. If his school does not provide the opportunity, he should join a club or special group in the neighbourhood and play games. Is anyone at home interested in what he plays on the guitar? Listen to him play and encourage him to play well enough to participate in community events, providing the background for an item and so on. All children are not alike. Children are different from each other and there is a wide spectrum of behaviour that falls under the label of normalcy. Try and find ways of helping your child to develop some talent or interest, so that he shifts from being a passive viewer of TV. All the best.


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