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Why does our 2 year old child have a swelling on his neck?

Q: My son is 23 months old. We have noticed a small swelling on his neck 4-5 months back. We have shown him to a paediatrician and he told us that 99% it could be non-specific growth. But to avoid that 1% chance, he asked us to use an antibiotic for 20 days (related to throat infection as my son got fever due to throat infection just before that). He said if the swelling does not disappear after using that antibiotic my son may have to undergo a few tests. We did not use the antibiotics as my son was just recovering from high fever that time and we postponed the usage of antibiotics. Later we showed him to another doctor. He looked at the swelling and told us that it is non-specific growth and that if it is a TB gland or some other the swelling surface would be rough. Few days back when we were looking at my sons first Birthday CD we noticed that he had the swelling even at the time of his first birthday. The swelling is clearly visible when he turns his neck. It is on the right side and is not increasing in size. Should we just keep a watch on the growth and check if it increases / varies? Should he undergo any tests? Could this swelling be related to any other infection? Please suggest.

A:The swelling is most likely an enlarged lymph node in response to the infection in the throat. With regression of the primary infection, the lymph node will also become smaller but will NOT disappear. Nothing would need to be done for it. In case the swelling increases, or new swellings appear, then only would tests be required.


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