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Why does one testis hang down lower than the other?

Q: Why does one of my testis hang down lower than the other? Is this normal?

A:Testicles are hanging from the structure (spermatic cord) connecting it to the main body, and muscles in the cord bring it closer, or away from it, depending on the temperature. Warm climate may make it hang loose, while colder climate will bring it closer to the body. One of the testis (usually the left one) may hang down lower than other even in absence of any disease. Enlargement of the contents of the testis or cord may make it bulky and may make it apparently hanging lower. Hernia, varicocoele and enlargement of testis with hydrocoele or inflammatory conditions may make it bulky. History of trauma to your testis may also be significant. Get yourself examined by a physician who may also like to have an ultrasound examination to exclude any disease process before he may reassure you.


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