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Why does my son unable to concentrate on his studies?

Q: My 4 years old son is naughty and has little or scant respect for elders. Though he is active and intelligent, he lacks concentration and gets bored too soon. He likes to go to school and learn new things. However making him study is a big problem, as he does not like to repeat any activity - be it counting, colouring or writing. However he performs well in school and got a lot of appreciation for his studies too. Now recently we have moved to another city and enrolled him in mid session in another school. It has been 3 months now and he has been going to school regularly. He likes the school and the teachers too. However now he has become very naughty in class and we are getting complains in his diary that he is running around the class and does not sit at one place and concentrate. Both my wife and me are working and after moving to this city my son stays with my father after coming home from school. Earlier he was going to a day care in our previous city. Please advise.

A:A 4 year old is by nature restless and active. The child is busy in exploring new things and his attention span is likely to be small. The changes you are noticing in him are most likely a result of his increasing cognitive, social and motor development. It is also possible that adjustment to the change of city, his daily routine and home environment is taking some time. Talk to him, listen to him and spend some exclusive time with him. Be patient and deal with him with warmth and reasoning.


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